Eastward Ho!


Phillip White has another article (Eastward Ho) in the wings for the forthcoming Smoke Signals Magazine, I have had a preview & it is a great read,the photo’s above are from the week-end’s International  Crazy Horse Rally 2012, with visitors from New Zealand attending. First picture is a fuel stop, second is of Wazza on the chook shed 741, & the last Chris Knoop preparing Rob Gosper’s 344 Chief for the Saturday Ride Robert is on crutches so Chris was his chauffeur for the week-end, needless to say the “Odd Couple” enjoyed the riding with Gosper yelling orders to Chris on how to ride a outfit. I found this amusing as Chris has just got back from riding the Invincible JAP outfit across the States on the Cannonball Run, I reckon he knows a little about this now, thanks Chris for donating 3rd prize in our raffle & of course Polaris -Indian for the Indian jacket as well