Electric Clogs, & Saw Benches



Electric Clog article by Phillip White  is coming out next week in your Smoke Signals this is another brilliant review on the  Electric Starter  from Tony Leenes (Mr Indian) in Holland. Tony supplies the starter with no fitting instructions so this is the only method I know that is in print at this time. Recently another picture was put on our Facebook page & it is a nice period shot of two girls on a Indian Bicycle a lot of people don’t realise Indian made bicycles & children’s trikes, pedal cars etc in the very early days I have reproduced a photo of a portable  Indian Saw Bench driven with a Powerplus motor that was available in the early twenties made by the Master Woodworker Manufacturing Co Michigan, this makes the current version of a Triton workbench look like it was made for “wimps”. I just had a thought a  current Triton version with a current Powerplus 105cui motor would be just the thing for the modern D.I.Y handyman developing 80hp instead of the original’s 12 hp it could saw through anything, portable would mean three men to move it instead of two! If any of you reading this have one of these marvels of engineering in your garage I will give you 12 months free subscription to our Association. Murray Morell has sent a Tech Article on the current fuel filters that are being made in the USA, read it & modify if you have one of these & thanks for the W.Aust Indian Club for the 1916 Saw- Bench photo