Fingers are crossed

Ready to go?

So in Victoria we are all anxiously waiting for the easing of the Covid 19 restrictions to be lifted, hopefully on Sunday we will be told by our illustrious leader Dan what the new ground rules may be. So personally at this point I see little change as the State Emergency Powers were enacted last night for 6 months longer I can only assume that would not have been necessary if we were easing back, thats my opinion though. What’s your favourite Association doing at this time, plenty probably whenever the restrictions are off we will have a day ride planned that very weekend and possibly two ride days in a month to try and catch up on all the missing rides, when the restrictions drop to Stage 2 we will be having to major rallies fairly close together instead of quarterly possibly even bi-monthly because there will be no excuses to fix the bike you have done that over the last 3 months. Immediately the Association meeting nights will be back on with the AGM on that first night, meanwhile we wait patiently