Funny about that

Some time ago I started doing just that, admiring my Indian and the good thing is others doing the same sometimes just pedestrians and not even motorcyclists, what is it about them old or new? Well I admire their reliability and their sheer ruggedness, all most crude but damn near unbreakability, sure plenty of modern other brands are reliable but they all look the same except a Enfield or a Bonnie the latter commanding as much respect as a Indian, the jury’s still out on the new 650 Enfield. The good thing about the new Indian’s is they are starting to get affordable as the older Springfields are expensive now the days of buying a 741 for under $10,000 are well gone and the same for a Chief usually starting at $30,000, but later Polaris Indian’s second hand start at $14,000 up to $22,000 in various condition quite affordable and they attract hopefully new individuals loyal to the brand.