Great Race Competitor’s ( Guido’s Learning)

Your favourite editor on the “Black Bastard” with his “L” plates after close to 40 years riding & some of that on a 2003 Chief Vintage, he’s learning all over again with a hand change Indian. The other photo is Jon Munn with his 1916 PowerPlus both getting to grips with Indian’s of different era’s both members are entered in The Great Race this weekend along with Mark Barthelmie,Phillip White, John Fontanella,Phil Pilgrim,Robert Gosper, Leo Klausen,John Gee,Rodger Beimers to name some that are also attending from our Association, a full report will follow after the event early next week. The picture of a 1950 Indian Arrow is for sale at Classic Style I believe a one owner low mileage machine a cheap entry level start into the Indian mystique, & for those Springfield owners that want something lighter as they get heavier in old age.