Guido’s getting nervous

Your favorite Editor Guido Allen is by now getting a little nervous, after riding R1″s,Haybusha, Rocket 3,Black Shadows, Gilroy’s, Valkerie’s, all the big Dirt bikes for Motorcycle Trader, the boy is going to get a Springfield Chief beneath him. I have just finished the 1948  Chief named the “Black Bastard” because it comes from dubious ancestry & although the engine is just 136 numbers off the frame they are both 1948. The reason for Guy’s dilemma is that he has never ridden a hand change Indian before but to make it easy for him it has the throttle on the R/hand side, lessons are coming up. Guy just got his pilots licence last month but seems more worried about riding a Springfield than crashing a Cessna, maybe the reason he is worried is that if he likes early Indian’s the effect on the wallet could be painful

"The Black Bastard"