Gypsie Tour 2012 is starting

Phillip White & Chris Horner are pictured loading there Indian’s with John Fontanella’s “chocolate Chief” already on board, the others have already left yesterday for Adelaide Sth Aust, the plan is then to put the bikes on the Overland train to Perth W.Aust, then ride back to the “Bay to Birdwood” Rally in S.Australia. These lads are meeting up with a group of the Indian Club of W.Aust for the ride back, basically Perth-Bussleton-Albany- Esperance-Norseman-Eucla-Ceduna-Port Agusta-Adelaide- then back to Melbourne, we are talking in European terms London to Moscow, or San Francisco to New York without the population & 1000’s of miles of  26 wheel Roadtrains & open inhospitable open country, as I have said “no wimp-wristed” tourists touring across heavily populated countryside for these lads, they will have a back-up vehicle, carrying fuel & cables etc but that’s all, the country is similar to the early “Mad Max” movies. Phillip has agreed to write a article that will appear in the Association Magazine next edition & Chris Horner will send photo’s through to me for the Stop Press Area, stay tuned for the next exciting installment