GYPSIE Tour Stalwarts, etc Chris & Arnie

As you know the Gypsie Tour 2012 to W.Australia is on next week 14-24th & the boy’s are getting close to roll, this trip virtually starts in Perth so they are freighting their Indian’s by rail, a group of The Indian Club of W.A are joining them to travel across the Nullarbor to the Bay to Birdwood Rally in Sth Aust around 2,500 Klms then another 800 to get back to Melbourne, as I said in the planning “This trip is for men with hair on their chest”, no wimps cruising around our heavily populated area’s for these guys. Preparation has proceeded on most of the Indian’s which are all Springfield & one Gilroy, various semi-restorations to these machines which include everything from top-end rebuilds, larger fuel tanks to a starter motor conversion, your fellow members wish you well. Rod Leamon’s funeral was a good send-off for a great enthusiast, all our committee, including NSW reps were present as a mark of respect to the “Big Fellow” as Ian Rhook was fond of calling him, he will be missed. On a brighter note yesterday was our monthly Association Run & surprisingly the weather was a pleasant 21deg C,  8 people turned up which seeing it was Father’s Day was good, I rode the Indian 344 outfit & I am pictured with our “First Lady” Sandy Barthelmie (president’s wife) I reckon Mark will be after a sidecar soon.I noticed the picture of Arnie the Terminator happily on his Chief Vintage on Facebook, he rode a Indian in Terminator 3, even he saw the light in the end & never rode a Harley-Ferguson after the second movie. Chris Knoop sent a email yesterday about altering the gearing on the Invincible JAP, hopefully this should help on the hills, typically Chris is on a busman’s holiday he is going to enjoy himself but is still into the spanners, you have to give him 10 points for being so keen