Gypsy Tour 2018 dates and itineray

Chris Horner has announced the Gypsy Tour 2018 dates, so up the old Hume Highway and back down the Princes Hwy from the 17/03/18 till 25/03/18  (a week before Easter) all details are either on the calendar page or above in the Stop Press area or below on the links, there is a limit of 20 people and all deposits to be paid for by the end of this month. This event is only open to current financial members, and the entries will be taken thus, Springfield models first, then all other Indians of any era, followed by only Red Plate eligible machines and lastly if there is any space the rest, do not book unless you fall in this criteria you will not be welcome with your new Harvest Glide. I paid my deposit in March when the Expression of Interest forms came out so those of you that never looked at this really are not interested in going! After the rooms are booked there will be no refunds, so make a certain decision not to loose your money.

2018 Gypsy Tour Itinerary Sheet1

2018 IIRA Gypsy Tour #1