Happy New Year 2024

Always a good time, out with the old in with the New as it is said, theoretically the weather is good for riding and the sun is out longer and your riding time should be more not less. The Midday Express is just over 2 weeks off and I would advise those who are thinking of attending to book your accomodation if the Rubicon Hotel/Motel is booked out there are other places to stay in Thornton and this is a complete overhaul of a much loved event on our calander to suit the conditions and riders attending, remember the only way we are holding all of these events is with your support no support means the event will be cancelled in the future. Last year we had one event at Corryong the year before in 2022 we had 4 rallies, 9 ride days and 9 meetings a year. We addressed this because of the downturn of support by completely altering not only events but also our membership type encompassing BEA pre 1976 which I’m pleased to say seems to have reversed the slow downward spiral, 8 new members last year compared to nil in the previous 2 years proved this point. Our new criteria will be to only give you events that are supported it takes as much to organise a rally with 6 people as 25 so its not worth setting up one to find 3 people are attending also its good manors to return a Expression of Interest as this helps for booking of meals or accomodation please.