Hate breaking down?

Yes its that time of year when blind faith in the marque comes to a head, your Indian has lain in hibernation for 4 months and the weather is slowly warming up and a couple of good rides/rallies are on the horizon. What’s this, you poured fuel in it and it runs so your ready to reel off 3-4000 klm’s over the next 5 months, trust me only a fool expects to do that your machine needs a total “going over” basics oil change, check tyres for wear, flush carby out and or fuel tanks, change gearbox/primary oil and pull out the battery and check for sulphation and fluid level. While your there grease all those grease nipples and make sure you paid your subs with the IIRA as if you hav’nt your machine is no longer registered and a $800 fine and 3 points will come off your licence, don’t blame us Vic Roads is pretty serious on this point. If all is well take your treasure out for a short ride 20-30 mile and check it over then when cool check points, tappets etc before coming out on a association ride and breaking down then hoping we are going to ruin our day fixing your machine for you! Only then enter the rally/ride and do yourself a favour by subscribing to RACV Total Care for 12 months just in case, I’m a mechanic and I am a member of it just in case, thats it see you soon at the Crazy Horse Rally Dunkeld next month with over 30 booked in for a great 3 days