You’ve done it again Dan

So about 13/08/20 we may come out of lockdown, then again we might continue who knows. Its not very often if ever I get political but now I’m going to as our illustrious Premier Chairman Dan has f****d it again lets have a quick look at his record sheet.

Cancelled East -West link 1.1 $ billion, Red Shirts, branch stacking, Failure to explore our fracking or coal seam gas exploration or hold enquiry”s into possible alternative energy systems, Covid -19 security stuff-ups, Cedar Meats, failure to use ADF personal, refusing to lock down International flight into Melbourne airports until last weekend, the recent BLM demonstrations unhindered in the CBD, wire rope installation blow-out, and danger to motorcyclists etc to name a few I have always said this guy was a fool and I was right. Over 200 years ago they would have guillotined him in France and they should erect this device again outside Spring St now, if ever a party should cast a vote of no confidence on this incompetent bloke this is the time. Even the Federal Government loathes this guy and he is one of the most hated Victoria Premiers since Henry Bolte