How about a Great Race next Generation?


Thought this shot would break the monotony, I recognise Ian Rhook’s Blackhawk forked 344 on the end, and this was probably over 2 years ago at the Sandhurst Rally I would say. This year at the Great Race 2013 I asked organisers Dave Reedy(Harley City) and Peter Arundle about a next generation version that is Indian vs Harley except unlike the current version that stops at 1953 Indian’s and 1958 H-D’s it could start at these dates and finish at 2013 plus, both gentlemen were flabbergasted, not that they were against it but they did not want to organise it, can’t blame them as the original takes a ton of time. This has got me thinking lately with the new Indian and basically there is only a gap between 1973-99 but there is a ton of Indians between 1953-73 then over 300 Gilroy and Kings Mountain versions been imported into Aussie that’s  about 34 years of bike  production all up, potentially you could limit the Harley’s on the number of Indians entered. The Triumph Club in Australia( RAT) run a huge rally once a year surely the HOG owners and the new 111 Indian Club could do the same, this needs our friends at Victory-Indian to think about, how about  it chaps?