How Green was my Rally?

Mountain View startDSCN1435

Sounds like a movie but in this case its the green in “green backs” as they were called or the cost of frugal & more budget minded members in our Association. The Great Race when I last went over two years ago with my then 14-year-old daughter cost me pretty close to $500 was it worth it for 2 days riding with fellow individuals and enthusiasts with meals provided but no accommodation, well YES. I went to the pictures (Talkies, Flick’s) a couple of weeks ago $18.00 for under 90 minutes with a small Coke and popcorn & a “Choc top” this was well over $32.00 not counting the wife who cost a similar price. So whats all this adding up to, well rally expenses The Crazy Horse Rally on the week-end after this which some people expect to be free in our Association the reality is “no hope in hell”. So beside the Rally Insurance, the blow-out free morning tea, the free entry to the Historic machinery Club Showground Event, the gold coin donation to the BBQ on the Friday night, the back-up vehicle, and the miniscule amount asked for the raffle ticket not counting the cut in the accommodation rate at the Mountain View I reckon $30.00 is not much, as a matter of fact I reckon it should be at least double or triple. Stop whingeing as my haircut costs $25 and I have less hair than I had when I was 25 & they only cost $10.00 then!