How many of the Fastest Indians are there?

Burts quote

A couple of years (1978) Mike Hailwood won the I.O.M on the Sports Motorcycles Ducati built by Steve Wynn this was dismantled and over the years at least four are known to exist, a similar thing happened when Hailwood made his comeback in Australia at Winton Raceway in 1976 I was a this meeting & the Manx he rode was Charlie Edwards machine a “double knocker” 500cc. After Hailwood was tragically killed in a Motorway accident in UK the Harwell Club decided to run a Memorial Race, they could have feilded a race with all the so-called claimants that reckoned they had Hailwood”s Manx these ranged from post war plunger rear frame versions up! So we come to Vincent’s out of the 73 Series A pre-war Twins that were built 82 are going, out of the handfull of Black Lightnings built (under 20) around 90 are still going strong the 56 Thruxton Bonneville’s that were built of which one made it to Australia around 200 have still made a presence worldwide, undoubtably 750SS “Green Frame” Ducati’s of which under 200 were made are still all going, we won’t go on now but we have Burt Munroe’s Fastest Indian there is one at Hammer Hardware Invercargill N.Z then there is this other one on the website below plus the ones that were built for the movie, seems to me these days even the Mona Lisa is’nt safe