HRD-Vincent Indian

We have all heard of the Vindian, and some the Indian-Vincent but how about a pre WWII HRD(Vincent) Indian Scout, I bet hardly anyone. People seem to think that Vincent started an agreement in 1948 with Ralph Rodgers head honcho at Indian after the war and most of you have seen the Vindian replica’s and my genuine Indian -Vincent in Australia but the pre war version was thought about in 1930-31 while Vincent were using proprietary engines such as Rudge or JAP even a Villiers but after the debacle of all the HRD’S not finishing with JAP engines in 1931 Vincent looked elsewhere and with Indian’s Scout being a fantastic reliable engine plans were looked at. Unfortunately it never came to fruition and Phil Irving developed the famous hi-cam engine that eventually was made into a world famous line of “the Worlds Fastest Standard Motorcycles” from 1938 till 1975 some 37 years later when Laverda Jota took that title.