I was just going out to Hug my Indian when….


Hmmm I hug my Indian about once a week, yesterday was an occasion when riding to Zorro’s Show & Shine, which by the way was a raging success 600 through the gate and I believe many more motorcycles that were parked up and down White Street. Mark Barthelmie the proprietor & Sandy his wife were flat out, Russell one of our members won Best Vintage motorcycle. The amount of Harley-Fergusons were embarassing they were like bums, everyone had one, I can see why the new Indian’s are selling, just to be different you would have to buy one. Tony Crimmins from Bendigo was riding his Chief Vintage and it was one of the most looked at machine there, in all around 12 Indians arrived 1 Ariel, 2 Triumphs, 20 odd Jap bikes and the rest H-D’s, I’m looking forward to next years Show & Shine