Indian 4’s who rides them?

IMG_0838Indian 4 Crockerfour chop


Not many it seems, is it because they are an investment, to expensive to wear out, hard to get bits for, to difficult to ride or just not as good as a Chief, thinking about it probably a bit of all of the above. The 4 was always an expensive machine with only a few sold out to civilians most were sold to Police Forces, they were meticulously maintained but eventually in civilian use most fall into disrepair parts becoming hard to get and expensive, the post-war Torque 4 pictured was built but never made it into production in 1948 its got shaft drive but still plunger rear suspension so its dated for a luxury machine. I like looking and hearing 4’s but I once considered one even, looking back I’m happy with Chiefs and rarely see a Four at a rally or on the road so if they are so great where are they?