Indian-Enfield not Enfield -India

Some years ago before Royal Enfield could legally put ROYAL in their name they were called simply Enfield, of course that made them Enfield-India, eventually David Holder lost the rights to the Royal Enfield brand name and from that point on in 2005 we have had Royal Enfield’s made in India. But hang on back in the fifties Indian Sales started a relationship with Royal Enfield in Redditch UK to provide motorcycles and of course they made USA variants that were customised to suit American tastes and were badged Indian these were sold for quite some years and helped prolong both companies. So what if Indian today got into bed with Royal Enfield and produced as they have in the past something as pictured above for a smaller range of machines which the new company is sadly lacking I reckon they would be onto a winner, what do you think?