Indian News & More Indian’s than Custer

Thank’s to W.Aust Indian Club & President Murray Morell for some more copies of Indian News Magazine.  I have 5 issues in the Section News Area just scroll down to W.Australia they are great a great read on a winters evening I will be putting them on once a month. That man the Vice-Prez Mark has bought the Indian Four above 1941 I believe, a year ago Mark never had a Indian & was a staunch Harley-Ferguson owner he has a number of Springfield models & two King’s Mountain models, for sale is there no stopping him? Hmm probably the wrong choice of words at least on the Springfield models. The other photo’s are of the “Electric Clog” so named by Phillip White as the Tony Leenes Dutch electric start conversion for 1941/50 Chief’s, the first picture is of the “cog” belt generator pulley kit you get with the kit presumably to step-up the charging rate on a Auto-Lite generator I can only assume this wouldn’t be needed with a Cyclecraft generator, there is also the infamous sprag to the right which is driven off the flywheel(ring gear) by the chain.The great thing about this starter is it retains the standard k/starter, the sprag is mounted solidly & the starter is a Bendix drive like most cars unlike the Timmerman version, although it looks bulky it all fits in after removing the battery carrier Phillip White wrote a great article on fitting it last year this is now off the public area & in our Members Area( read here, encourage joining our Association)