Indian Specials and not kicking the missus

Lots of people love a standard Indian with enclosed wheels, and sweeping art-deco lines but others like bikes a little different the “Nordian” was on Facebook recently but the other one is a local bike with a 4 speed Norton gearbox and electric start, Suzuki front end and a H-D swing arm back-end grafted on, both owners wouldn’t want a standard factory Chief and personally I reckon either would be a treat to ride. The good thing about Indian owners is they are not that anal about matching this or that, or whether that 1948 model had chamfered washers only in that year which worries some people like Vincent Owners to name but one group, thank goodness we are not like that. Summers on the way and in October we have a run to Malmsbury on the 7th and the Teepee Rally the following weekend check the calendar for times etc, I think its time to get the old girl out and give her a service and a good kicking and Im not talking about your missus.