Indian’s new flat tracker engine


Basically derived from a developed Scout engine to compete head-head against Harley on flat tracks, this is history repeating after big base Scouts ridden by the “Indian Wrecking Crew” obliterated Harley in the forties. Harley has had it all their way for some time, Triumph rocked them to the core in the sixties when the 500cc OHV twins blew the sidevalve KR 750’S to the weeds until the AMA changed the biased rules then XR-750 OHV Harley came out and Gene Romero obliterated them with Trident engine Trackmaster. This is different now Harley vs Indian again as it used to be but now is the cashed-up endless resource company that can afford to shovel money at building a new machine, it will change the whole scene.