International Midnight Express? Roll on 2016

At the Start

Ready for the Fourth Midnight Express


Once upon a time I was in a club that when they held an event and someone who had attended  was from another country it was immediately tagged “International” a bit like Brisbane Airport not really an International Airport, so whats all that got to do with the Midnight Express Run last night plenty, we had not one but three International guests attend two from Holland & Ric Barthelmie (Mark’s Brother) that flew in from UK less than 12 hrs before to attend this event. Ric is a very keen Indian owner with a 1946 Chief kept in Aussie for events such as these and like Mark is always a humorous type of bloke, ask him what a “wedgie” is for a start, sadly his bike wasnt ready but he had been riding it that day sorting it for the next few months. So you can see by our starting point above a good turnout this year and Springfield, Gilroy & Polaris Indians in attendance ranging from 1938-2015 the weather was perfect & only one breakdown a 1947 Chief with switch problems,the run started promptly at 8.30 progressed to Yarra Glen by 10-00 pm for a stop at the historic Grand Hotel evening drink or take-away leaving at 10.30pm up the Melba Hwy to Kinglake to the Kinglake Hotel, it was misty and slightly cold, we left at 11.00pm to head for Whittlesea the fuel stops were closed so down to Sth Morang for fuel at 12.00. Interesting snippets of overheard conversation ranged from “Is this only once a year?” When these guys say their leaving in 5 mins they certainly do, Heated seats are for “Nancy Boys”, How come stereo’s on motorcycles that people play loudly have no good songs worth listening to (About a new Roadmaster), and Don’t order a Asian take-away if you can’t get it within 20 mins!  Those new Indians have fantastic lights, Whats a valve lifter cable (mine snapped on the Vindian). At this point thanks to all that attended especially George Fitzpatrick for the organization, all the International guests, and Scottie Mc Connell from Indian Motorcycles Melbourne for his help & support with the 1947 Chief and also to Mark for riding his 1938 to prove the old ones can show the new ones a thing or to and get admired enviously as well, personally thanks for a great evening.