Is it still viable to spend so much?


Sentiment has a lot of power over emotions or for that matter monetary matters, many people lavish lots of both on old motorcycles and the results can be mixed take for example the Indian above you could just leave it alone after new tyres and some fuel/oil, exhaust system etc and your off, the question is for how far or for how long. I had a similar 1921 Scout to this about 25 years ago and did just that it lasted under 12 months and used oil I decided a “tear down” would help but unfortunately it had “tram tracks” that were worn deeply into the rear cylinder, hence the oiling problem and lack of power. I decided it was to much hassle and sold it to a chap that restored it, of course now I regret that and it wouldn’t be so daunting a problem in 2016 but one cannot dwell on what could have been I never regretted buying it but I do a little selling that Scout. So if I would have kept it I would have restored it and these days that’s very out of fashion I would have spent lots of money and even more time on it but then because it’s such a early model limited my riding on it because of today’s traffic, not very sensible, a practical person would just spend the money and buy one already finished and restored in the long run much,much cheaper way to achieve a sensible outcome I think. Needless to say many still restore and end up very over capitalised on a machine I have recently noticed a $50,000 741 army Scout in Bike Sales .com these sell for less than half that figure and a good Chief would be available any day for the same amount, I think a little more sanity is needed and a level head these days as sentiment is to expensive