It’s Fournales for me!


A few weeks ago I fitted a new set of Fournales to my 2015 Scout, as most people are aware by now the Scout is a quite amazing machine but comfort and the cheap rear standard shockers let the otherwise superb machine down. I had tried the Ikon shocks which are reasonably priced but unfortunately we’re not up to the standard, surprisingly as I have them on other makes and they are a good product, I believe there is a “fix” for them made by a member in Albury, this adds to the price of course and I had decided to wait for Fournales Aust (0407 511454) to import Scout types called “Air-Spring” they have no springs and ride on a air-oil combination. After fitting them I found the motorcycle was transformed, no “topping out, or harshness in the rear suspension at all, this combined with the Corbin seat it’s a revelation, and now I look for excuses to ride it more often. I have now owned this new Scout for 10 months and somebody recently asked me how I like it, well the answer to that is if it was written off or stolen I would go straight down to Scotty McConnell at Indian in Elizabeth st and get another one, I ride lots of motorcycles as its my job, both old and new and I have bought various makes new in the past with some immediate regrets, this bike is better than I hoped for or expected and to tell you I’m a bit jaded about the industry is a understatement after working in it for 38 years now, every motorcycle is the greatest at least in the manufacturers eyes unfortunately they rarely are for the customer! The New Scout made by Polaris is fantastic for its price and I’m proud to own it as much as my Springfield versions