It’s going to happen

Forty years ago I used to be a young guy in the Classic Club of Vic (come to think of it I still am but older) anyway all those old tossers in that club would talk of “the good old days” of buying motorcycles for under 5 quid and Saturdays morning AGE newspaper would be full of such treasures for the taking, unfortunately such things had altered in the late sixties and the early seventies and I must have lived in “the bad old days” as the prices had risen sharply. These were the guys that had the shed full of bits that stopped me building my bike and one day they were “Gunner” (marine term) fix them, I could still name these blokes but I won’t, some have long since died others are in no shape to repair their zimmer frame more or less a motorcycle frame. Some of their “treasures” have been scrapped, crushed, or split family’s in two fighting over the estate and even in some cases the offspring of these old guys have no interest in their “treasures” and are just itching to get rid of it, to buy a Fondue bowl or something else you would abhor. Daniel Craig (007) mentioned last week he was leaving nothing of his fortune to his offspring, seems fair they are apparently well heeled, success he says is to die and leave with nothing left in the bank!

So what do you do, easy start culling down the bikes you are no longer riding and give a new younger person the opportunity to buy your bike NOW, if you are generous give the money to your offspring or donate it to some needy cause and only that way you can be happy you know where your bike has gone