Its not just us

Recently I was asked about other club’s policies on Covid -19 the Williamstown Motorcycle Club have a similar policy to us

Fully Vaccinated Requirement for WMCC Events

With the roll out across Victoria of proof of COVID-19 vaccination status as a condition of entry into ven- ues or events, the committee has decided to make being fully vaccinated a condition of entry for all WMCC events. This will apply to all attendees, including members and invitees.

This will come into effect from 5 November (the Victorian 80% double vaccination target date) when ca- fés, pubs and restaurants etc. will re-open for indoor service for patrons who can prove vaccination sta- tus. Should the Government move this date, WMCC will move ours accordingly.

Proof of full vaccination status can best be done by uploading your vaccination certificate to the ‘Victoria Service App’, or having a hard copy of your certificate from your Medicare records.

At Café Cirino, the Customs House Hotel, or a ride lunch venue evidence of your vaccination status will of course be the responsibility for the venue – not WMCC.

Our club has an older demographic, some of whom do have underlying medical conditions, which alt- hough double-vaccinated, would suffer unnecessarily should they be exposed to the virus and suffer even mild symptoms. Therefore the committee believes we have a responsibility to ensure the club pro- vides a safe environment for all its members.

With any change in Government Directions we will review this requirement.

The WMCC Committee