Its starting to get to me.

At my time in life important things are family, enjoying myself, and riding motorbikes, and you know what I cant do any of these as a matter of fact neither can you and double donut days are fantastic until the very next day your in lockdown! I am still lucky to be able to work after 18 months of no annual leave, not being able to see my son, and looking forward to a planned event, rally or ride seems a dream, initially it was no big deal my entertainment was limited to going to Bunnings or the supermarket but seriously like you this lockdown with no end in sight has got to me we have no idea when if ever things will return to normal no carrots with Dan the Despot only a “whack” every time. I have never been a law breaker intentionally but as of late I’m feeling like “stuff wearing the mask” and I’m going over 5 klm’s up yours Dan. Have I got the jab? well yes fully vaccinated and beside my 5G mobile improving and the CIA contacting me every night the second head is quite handsome! Seriously though the most difficult thing was ripping off the Band-Aid off my hairy arm the next morning I can only ask you to consider getting a jab if you have a un-compromised immune system get it done its the only way we are ever going to get out of this to ride our Indians or see our loved ones. The Yackandandah Crazy Horse Rally is still on my calendar for October my fingers are crossed.