It’s that time of year again, beside winter




It’s that time of the year for renewing your Association membership. Midnight on June 30 is the crunch time on which your Iron Indian Riders, Victoria Section membership expires, provided you have not already completed and sent off the renewal included in your current edition of Smoke Signals which you will receive within the next 10 days.

Not all that important?  Well blow me down, if you have a vehicle on club (red) plates it just might be. When you have a vehicle on Victorian club plates, in order for the club registration to be valid you MUST be a financial member of the club that the rego was arranged through.  If you are NOT financial then your vehicle club registration is INVALID – as far as the cops are concerned it’s no ifs and no buts.   In Victoria this means you would be charged with operating an unregistered vehicle – penalty is a whopping $706 PLUS 4 demerit points.  To add to the ignominy – the cops will NOT let you drive/ride away plus they will not be responsible for your vehicle if you leave it unattended where it is.

So – if you have not done it already – you may just want to send your membership renewal off to our secretary Peter Kime any day now. By the way, failing to have a valid and correct log book with you when operating your club registered vehicle attracts EXACTLY the same penalty.

2013 Membership Application form (download)