It’s that time of year

Although in the depths of lockdowns and despair Christmas seemed almost years away we were very limited, hardly any rides no meetings and virtually no rallies, and monthly rides were a dream so you would expect members to be “chomping at the bit” for activities but surprisingly no! The Christmas Party was cancelled due to no interest, the monthly ride to Thornton attracted 7 people and six bikes, and the monthly meeting was fairly average in attendance, excuses range from “this time of year is difficult” thats the reason the Christmas party that used to be in December is now in November and if we cant get a commitment for meals etc then its cancelled. The Monthly run was a completely new venue at Thornton in good weather and after a drought of such activities, no interest, some people say they don”t know things are happening well its posted on the website, you also get text messages to your phone weeks before etc. Lots of our rallies have been the same times for over 10 yes 10 years surely that would help plan your yearly calendar but guess what it seems not, you cannot expect all the organisation with no commitment to either to your Association or fellow members to just ring up on the day before a event and go, thats not how it works Clive.

Another thing thats ruins our rallies is that the listed official weekend 2 day events that some people that work will take a Friday off to have a enjoyable 2 days riding, this is being ruined by a handful of selfish members that go to the rally 2 days before the event and then go home Sunday morning, (packing up Saturday night) after they have had 3 or 4 days riding, this has the consequence of not enough riders for the Sunday Morning Ride which is then usually cancelled. Not good to arrive at a rally event 300 klms away and find one days of riding then the same distance to travel home, makes you really think about attending at all, personally to these people I say don’t come to the rally and run you own itinerary rather than wrecking the listed association event, is that blunt enough either that or stay for the final mornings listed ride. In the past this was’nt a problem and everybody enjoyed the planned two day Rally some staunch fellow clubman are rapidly loosing interest, myself included, if that happens there will be even less events as people will loose interest & not attend.