Its time to clear up a few things

Street Sweeper

The calender is always difficult with heaps of rides or rallies, recently a few people requested that we review the amount of  rallies we have as four a year to reflect each season. This can conflict with other clubs or events you go to elsewhere, so you must make a decision to support your club or not, it is hard these days as there is so many clubs vying for the long weekends in the year so sometimes you may not go to a IIRA rally. The reason entry forms are on the site or listed in the Events Area are so we can get a gauge on the logistics of what you want in a weekend, so please tell us early & not the week before the Rally. We have had two approaches for us to hold a event in the Swan Hill area & another in Gippsland do you want more or less and will you support us if we decide to run them? Moving on the Indian Street Sweeper is obviously not a fast worker judging by the rear sprocket size still I would love to have it in Autumn (Fall, for our American cousins).