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As I said before going to the “Old Dart” that the Members Only area would open in July, this is password protected so as a preview I have copied the Technical Articles from the Tech articles area, which is now deleted.That area has now become  “News & Reviews” & will feature articles from members willing to share their experiences, the Members Only are will feature articles that are more cutting edge such as the modifications to make the Timmerman Electric starter function and the parts & machining to eliminate the built in problems I will put that in next month, Meanwhile as a preview, the password is for this month only  scout ,after this month it will not be open to the public & the new password will be in place hopefully this may encourage more members to join our Association. A new Flag Counter is also due to come on line & also a bit more organisation to the YouTube Area with each view set into categories, the new format for the “Flipping Book” in the on-line Smoke Signals is being set up as well, so plenty happening to your web-site, we have just clocked over 25,000 hits on May 24th we were at 19,000 this means 41 days= 6,000 hits, thanks for the support.

We are also requesting your Annual Subs to be paid, as well as deposits for those thinking of going to New Zealand $1,000 deposit to be sent to the Treasurer please chaps. People paying by BSB direct deposit please give your name as reference we have had 2 people pay their annual subs into the account with no reference to who they are if you have done this please contact Peter Kime. Peter has also updated the membership form & it is now on our site thats all for today