Modifications, how far would you go?



What with the rage in bobbers at the moment I find more and more people with access to engineering like no time in previous history lots of modifications are going on. All good and bad but how much is too much, motorcyclists have modified machines since the first all wood Daimler some things are practical, others for the owners perceived idea of improvement in their eyes are better than the manufacturer, some are shock value we could go on forever but I wont, personally all my bikes have modifications either internally or externally I modify all my bikes in the braking area and my Indians are all 80cu now with 4 speed, others would say the “Nordian” would be the minimum or a 2000cc single would do as well. Mark Barthelmie at Zorro’s is probably the best gauge on accessories and he is selling a s***load of bits for new Scouts and Chiefs from Gilroy to Polaris so I can’t see an end to the modifying for the near future