More Aggravation for Club Rego Owners


From 1 January 2014, Victoria will abolish registration labels for all light vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters in a move claimed to save Victorians $19.5 million a year by reducing the red tape burdens; in fact it will significantly INCREASE the aggravation already being experienced by users of the red plate or club permit system.Victoria Police will continue to enforce the law to ensure that a vehicle is registered when it is used on a road.  Without registration labels, police and other bodies will use the VicRoads systems to verify the validity and type of vehicle registration based solely on the vehicles licence plate – and this is where the catch 22 comes in for Red Plate vehicles. Red Plate vehicles ARE NOT included in the VicRoads systems that the authorities will be using to validate registration and as such, when checked in that system they will be flagged as unregistered and the police may well issue on the spot fines in excess of $700 for operating an unregistered vehicle.  To fight the fine through the courts could cost you thousands of dollars! Did I hear someone say bullshit?  Prove it for yourself.   You can check any vehicle’s registration by entering the registration plate details online at  or by calling VicRoads on 13 11 71 .  Try it for ANY valid red plate number and see what happens. So in addition to completing and carrying the applicable log book all operators of red plated vehicles are also strongly advised to also carry proof of payment of their registration along with proof that their membership of the associated club is current and valid. Although registration stickers will be no longer issued, there will be no change to the traditional reminders which car owners are used to receiving. VicRoads will continue to send vehicle registration renewals notices around six weeks before registration is due, and a reminder letter will be sent if registration is not paid by the due date.