Motorcycle Trader report on the Scout and a debacle

“Guido”Allen”s excellent report on the supposed launch of the Scout which is becoming a debacle everyday as small handfuls of machines are being delivered to some who payed a deposit but not others. This is becoming even more ridiculous each day as Indian Australia will not release any information on how many or what colour machines are here already, this is important as they deliver bikes not to those who paid early deposits in any sequence but rather to what people ordered a particular colour! Rather than give early deposit owners an option on a colour change they are told they can cancel their existing order to change the colour but must go to the “back of the queue” what makes this even more ridiculous is they will not say what colour machines are in Australia already. Back in the old days I worked at the Triumph importer as the machines were delivered they were inspected before going into the warehouse on the end of the crates was a VIN number and the colour of each machine so you know at any time your inventory, the same thing happens today so tell us whats happening time to “Man up”

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