My Christmas present was being delivered before I was born!


Funny thing about owning a car or motorcycle even a house that somebody else once treasured as much as you do and this person that had that same interest and passion will potentially never meet or know you at all. In 1947-48 possibly this truck had my motorcycle on it and it’s new owner who probably paid a deposit months before was  patiently waiting for delivery, I bet he never thought some 68 years later I would be so happy of his original purchase as I hadn’t been born then. Possibly it may have had up to ten or more owners in between me and although on a sad note,in years to come I will be one of the many “lost” owners we are “in the same boat” just being caretakers for the next owner, some of those not even born yet. Its kind of like a responsibility for you to look after it for them but still enjoying the ownership, still I wonder who or what my machines new owner was like.