New Members

This year with our change to the constitution introducing B.E.A to 1976 has started to see a growth in new members averaging one a month so far unsurprisingly most are Triumph owners but also BSA and Norton as well. It’s kind of history repeating itself as the original importers of Indian Milledge Bros in the twenties started the Indian-Triumph club so a full circle there, it seems that both brands share a strong bunch of enthusiastic owners so thats good. Some things will alter such as the Smoke Signals magazine will not be solely based on only Indian subjects, Martyn Goodwyn your editor has already agreed to reproduce some of the articles he produced in international OVR magazine he edited for many years as one of the most professional e-mags around so that will help in keeping interesting subjects in the magazine. The picture above is a Harley Knuckle engine in a Triumph Trophy frame, weird.