New page is coming for New Indians

nurse's Indian

                                                         Now that we have your attention Gentleman!

What’s that you say the number one website & blog in the world on all things Indian overcome with all those new models, not enough heritage bikes on this site anymore, Hmmm, well it seems like that since  the launch but as we deal in all Indians this is changing from today. You will notice a new page in the top of the “header board” Polaris-Indian News this in future will have have all the info on the newer  models (1999-2014), where relevant some of this might be used on Stop Press, otherwise all heritage stuff will be on your favourite page seems fair to me as I like all Indians and that’s what the IIRA  are catering for. This site relies on news so if you have any email, fax or even write to Guy Allan or me Phil Pilgrim (Contacts Area)we are heading toward 300,000 hits so the reason for this is news or current info, help where you can