nusquam aliquod bonum veri story obstant

Recently one of our members was stopped by Victoria Police, the constable on viewing the machine realised he was on a Club Permit, checked the label, the Club Permit log book, & then the rider’s licence, all was fine the next question wasn’t, proof of current financial status in the Club/Association, this is unusual although it can & was requested. Luck was on our members side as he had his Membership card in his wallet, a anomaly exists so we suggested that as proof your membership card is carried at all times when you are on the road although strictly not legally required by VicRoads,it can be asked for by the Police. Other Clubs have had members asked for the same thing, recently there have been assumptions not backed up with proof sent out by other Clubs on this issue, hence the above title in Latin from Mark Twain. I have had confirmation officially from VicRoads and their stand on this matter & you will see what I mean, always check our site for proof, not speculation.  ( Almost forgot the translation “Never let a good story stand in the way of truth”)  

VicRoads Policy