OHV Conversions

Quite a range everybody is aware of the Apache top-end conversion done by Lindsey Urquart over ten years ago (pictured above) and it wasn’t a straight fit as the strengthening bar has to be cut-out and welded a bit higher up similar to the Vindian a great conversion though. The other variant spotted on Facebook recently has a pair of early BMW top-ends fitted a bit of a”lash-up” but quite a bit of work in the conversion, so the reason this is a talking point is that 99% of these conversions are on Chief’s not on Scouts, unbelievably though I believe member Sam Vella is attempting such a modification on his 1939 Sports Scout quite a amazing feat but he recently converted it to Bently-Draper rear suspension as on a Brough Superior I’m hoping he can pull this off as it will be a very rare conversion.