Over 100 MPH with Surging Power!!!



Recently I wrote about advertising in 1917 where climbing hills and Hammock type comfort were the important factors well a mere 36 years later it had changed claims of over 100 M.P.H, speed and stamina & surging power was the focus. A couple of things with this is the 80 cu Chief wouldn’t do 100 M.P.H from the factory, anyone who has ridden a late Chief will find as they get hotter they go slower so false advertising would these days cause the advert to be withdrawn, surging power is debatable when a 650 cc Triumph T110 would leave it for dead with real surging power and at a real 105+ M.P.H. Indian in the final year of production of the big 1340 cc Chief were making machines to order and only small handfuls to say the least American’s abandoned these in favour of lightweight easy to ride British twins so I suppose this advert did very little for sales whatever Indian said.