Pinnocchio & Polaris Indian Australia


So a great firm like Polaris Indian (and it is great) has loyal staff, good product and enthusiastic customers what more could we ask for, PLENTY the truth! Many customers have pinned their hearts to their sleeve ordered product and been given the “run around” since day one the Chief range was an example last year no accessories failed delivery dates etc, so you learn by your mistakes or do you? Well no the next model is the Scout again the loyal customers place orders before its available and pay deposits then promised delivery dates are broken not by weeks but by months, then some bikes are delivered not on sequential deposit status but randomly so people ordering August last year get replaced by people ordered in February! Personally mine was deposit paid in August 2014 for delivery in October then December postponed then till May, last week I was rang by Indian to be told a black Scout could be available this week, I said I ordered Red which I was told “Maybe May” well ok last night pictures appear on Facebook of 9 Scouts for delivery this week and guess what, there”s a Red one, (since being delivered to Canberra) so seeing I was the second person that ordered a Scout and the first deposit owner picks her machine up this week (not the first delivered by the way) then you may assume this red machine pictured would be mine well NO. So you know what Indian, cancel my order now and please submit my monies back into my account, the only way this firm is going to get loyalty is to give it!