Plenty to do

Just added a YouTube link on Rodger Donaldson’s documentary on making the Fastest Indian movie all good modern history for the brand. In between working on a 1948 Chief I have just recently bought & am brightening it up for your favourite editor “Guido Allan” for the Great Race in 2012, it is with trepidation  he is using it as much is different than the 2003 Chief Vintage he normally rides, although a professional motorcycle journalist, the boy hasn’t lived having never  ridden a hand change, foot clutch motorcycle with limited braking & suspension travel, 6v electrics, poor fuel consumption & costing more than his annual salary. I have told him the throttle is on the normal side(right) to overcome his worries (this hasn’t helped) ,kickstarters are no problem as he owns a Sunbeam with a rod through the block, which he used to kick before it “lunched” itself, last time I saw him he had the Worry Beads out. Next week-end is the Association Monthly Run check the Events Calendar to know where & when we start.  Member Phillip White is writing a new article on 2003 Spirit (S&S) that member Noel Thornby gave him to ride at  the Crazy Horse Rally recently, Phillip was surprised as after ridden Gilroy Powerplus engined machines & King’s Mountain models that this model was better than previously thought & in his words “Seriously underrated”. Speaking about other Indian’s brings me to the point of V-Prez Mark, his brother Rick just bought a Indian Trail Blazer from Classic Style over the weekend so we have yet another new Member, the machine is pictured below & very nice to I must say

1957 Indian 700 Trail Blazer1957 Indian 700 Trail Blazer