RACV Roadside Assist cover


Recently someone in our association asked me about break-down cover, we offer NSW Motorcycle Alliance cover but personally I go with RACV Roadside assist. Now a number of years ago I swore I would have nothing to do with them (RACV) after having my father-in-law suffer a heart attack in Queensland and unfortunately died I rang the RACV to ask them to bring his car and trailer home, him being a member for 50 years accounted for nothing as they said and I quote ” He’s dead so we no longer cover him and you will have to find means of returning the vehicle yourself, if he was in hospital alive we can offer this service as part of his package” after driving a CM Valiant & trailer 1800 klms back to Melbourne over 2 days I was”nt overly impressed. Recently after a mate (Chris Horner) broke down in Bright I had second thoughts he rang  and within half an hour they picked up the bike and delivered him back to Melbourne, and if he was on holiday he was offered another vehicle, and or accommodation if his bike was being repaired, not only that they covered if he was driven or driving someone elses bike/car that broke down he was covered and this vehicle was picked up as well, top this off with your wife’s/ partners vehicle was on the same coverage and any car or motorcycle that you own! Well all that for $220 a year I’ve got 14 vehicles covered, my missus had her car on a factory emergency assist thing at $160 a year and it only covered her vehicle needless to say I joined cancelled her factory cover and I am happy. So I suppose there is always a sheep nearby in a paddock to tow your Indian but you know $220 is bugger all when the sheep gets tired.