Rain,Rain, go away, please come back another day

All year you wait for a couple of good weekends of nice weather to ride your Indian, today we are having 100mm of rain and a month’s worth of rain in a day with the weekend wet, wet, wet, oh well I need to work on the 741 Scout anyway. Just noticed a few odd bikes up for sale by association members, “Chip’s” Phillip Whites cop bike for $58,000, my 80 cu 1948 four speed $60,000, also my fully kitted 2016  5,000 klm’s Scout $20,000 ($8,000 worth of accessories) and our ex editor Guido Allen 2013 Kings Mountain, to name a few I know Mark Barthelmie has a BlackHawk up for sale as well. maybe its time to buy for the summer months, we have the Midnight Express up on 19th January, followed by the Sitting Bull Rally at Inverloch in mid February, so this weekend while its raining fix your Indian for these coming events.