Riders Etiquette (Club Runs) & Red Plate details


This article is from Motorcycle Sport Book from the 70’s it is virtually up to date for todays riding & can be used for any group. Recently it was suggested at a Committee Meeting that we need more uniformity for our Rallies, Peter Kime came up with this article as with many others about Indian’s that I will reproduce in the next few months, thanks Pete. Meanwhile the Vindian is progressing I expect the painted guards & tanks back next week, & the generator jack-shaft adapter as well, I am up 10 pages in a article on Indian to Vindian which will be available in our Members Area soon, another good reason to be a member. This by the way reminds me to make sure your membership subs are paid as of the end of this month all un-financial members with Red Plate permit machines are un-registered or in layman’s terms $800.00 from the Police if caught! I have mentioned in the past that any one wanting to transfer into our Association with a Red plate machine from another club  can do it easily by bringing your machine to the Machine Examiner (me) and there is no charge to transfer your machine into our  group after I stamp your papers just have to sign up & join us, simple to do & we have many that have done this recently

Riders Etiquette ( click on Highlight)