Robert Hall, a winner & congrats to Owen and Linda

Robert Hall on his new bike 2007 Triumph Bonneville came second at the judging at the Christmas party on Sunday, Ken Hager won the raffle prize of a Indian carry bag donated by Polaris, it was “patchy rain” on Sunday and only small numbers resulted unfortunately, still those who went enjoyed watching Chris Knopp fall from his Scout demonstrating fine oval racing style at the time. The big excuse that Owen Jones was giving about “a prior appointment” on the Christmas Party weekend was in fact he was getting married to Linda, congratulations to you both and it’s a feeble excuse Owen, but better than the 12 other people who said they were coming but didn’t. We went all out this year with moving the event from December offered more food, and a different venue and entertainment  as well but had very little support, your committee will be reviewing whether it is cancelled next year like the Rain in the Face Rally because if you don’t turn up it means you don’t want to have these Events if they are supported then the few people who do things in the Association don’t mind continuing. A full report below by Pete Kime

IIRA Xmas Party 26 Nov 17