Safety rules

Motorcyclists are one of the more vulnerable groups of road users on the roads. Therefore it is important that Iron Indian Riders members gain and follow as much road safety information as possible to assist in ensuring the safety of themselves, their passengers and fellow road users.

We all know that Motorcycles offer little protection to the rider or passenger in the event of a mishap and the consequences of even a minor crash can be severe – possibly fatal.

This is why your committee has developed this safety statement and why we support awareness programs that promote respect for the road rules and improved rider skills;  riders and passengers are encouraged to wear protective clothing and to use “roadcraft” whenever they ride.

Iron Indian Riders encourages members to consider additional post-licence training courses to maintain and improve their riding and general road skills.

As a rider and IIRA member there are some simple things that you can do to improve your safety:

  • Maintain your bike, tyres and gear. A good helmet, protective clothing, boots and gloves, go a long way to reducing the damage to a rider or passenger if something goes wrong.
  • Obey all road rules, ride within the conditions and within your abilities.   Being predictable and consistent with your riding will help other road users anticipate your riding position.
  • Don’t drink and ride. A rider needs a clear head and sharp reflexes to keep safe and enjoy the ride.  Also follow any safety instructions relating to any medication you may be taking. Remember if you drink till 2.00 AM and then at 7.00 AM drive or ride home you may still be over .05
  • Use “roadcraft” to build a “buffer zone” around you, and then ride within it, adjusting your speed and position to maintain that space.
  • Consider a course to revise the mental & physical skills needed to be a safe rider on a motorcycle on the road in today’s frequently hectic traffic conditions.
  • And remember when out and about that all motorcyclists need room to manoeuvre to maximise their safety with respect to sight, road surface and space.

Follow the road rules, stay alert and keep a clear head, be aware of the effect of any drugs you may be taking – including alcohol, maintain your bike in a roadworthy condition and above all never ride without wearing full protective clothing. 

The only person responsible for your road safety and that of your passenger, is you.

A lead rider will not exceed posted speed limits as he is responsible for your safety and legal requirements, we do not condone any breaking of the law so do not request a faster speed, we ride to suit the older heritage bikes that may be with the rally. Yes you may pass the lead rider at your own speed but if you get lost or booked thats your responsibility!