Sam is Fine & on the mend

I went & paid Sammy Vella a visit yesterday it was good to see him at Brunswick Private Hospital in Moreland Rd, he seems in good spirits considering he is waiting for a operation on his leg hopefully next week. Sam was a little amazed at the venerability of motorcyclists who are always at risk from motorists who are so cut-off from their world in a “tin-top”, Ian Rhook who always seems to have the right piece of philosophy at hand posted the above statement on the Facebook page which I have reproduced, this piece of seemingly  logic is appropriate beside our mate Sam. Getting onto other subjects, women the other photo probably taken in the mid thirties seem distracted, half of them including the cute little girl are looking in the opposite direction I wonder what was, coming maybe a Harley Ferguson, the last one is a knock-out of the ultimate in faired guards, the ideal camper with a canoe on top, certainly beats a Toyota Land -Fill (sorry Land- Cruiser) with a huge caravan & a “Tinnie Topper” taking up all the highway we see so often these days