Same problem a century later


A 100 years ago Indian was “flat-out” trying to keep up with orders, today I have read Indian have sold out world-wide production of the Scout admittedly last century there was a war going on, now its less pressing as its only H-D. There are more 2014 model H-D’s left in the showrooms this year since the late seventies, seems “Hoggley’s” have crested the hill. Next year expect to see reductions on their models across the price range to be more competitive with Indian, also they are pinning their hopes on an entry-level 500cc as the current range is hopelessly outdated and the new “shower-head” models are not over popular, the Sportster is expensive needing all the “Screaming Chicken” mods out of the catalogue to keep within sight of a Scout! There was a time when Triumph sold all that they could produce, they never updated because they thought customers would keep taking the same old stuff so development stagnated, eventually the customers abandoned them as it happened after WWII when H-D & Indian failed  most returning serviceman had “tasted” what the Europeans were making, sales faded and Indian died. So Triumph-BSA Norton couldn’t do a thing wrong till the late sixties, after Honda brought out the CB 750 the customers faded away and the British Industry died. Only now Triumph have made a comeback and they started promising never to make old Bonneville’s, today they are a competitive brand with a huge range to even worry the Japanese. Henry Ford nearly sent Ford broke with the most successful design and loyal customer base for automobiles in history, production ceased months till the new Model A arrived and Ford even today have never got back the market share G-M dominates it still. H-D needs a complete rethink or go broke, Henry Ford was a man that didnt listen to the market neither are Harley